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08 November 2015

Deepavali Greetings!

It is that time of the year which celebrates the home-coming of Ram from Lanka, after defeating Raavan- since it was a new moon night, the citizens of Ayodhya made sure their beloved king didn't return home to a dark dark place.

It is that time of the year when everything gleams in the house. That time of the year when you take the traditional oil bath early in the morning, and dress in your best clothes. That time of the year when freshly painted diyas are all around you. That time of the year when shopping is legit. That time of the year you go around spreading cheer and warmth. That time of the year when pedas and chocolates are given and received. That time of the year when you gorge on goodies (plus we have a custom of making fish on the night of Dhanteras). That time of the year when some mysterious little devils sew your clothes from inside and they simply don't seem to fit. 

That time of the year when you forget all past misgivings and you whole heartedly say, Happy Deepavali!

Sharing a few pictures of flower and diya art from last Diwali. Cheers! 

And lastly, I couldn't resist putting this one up. Since Halloween came around the same time as Diwali, I also carved a pumpkin and put a diya inside, and the smiling face of Jack made sure everyone had a smile on their face!

May the force be with you!

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